Ijshockey in The Netherlands

About the Dutch hockey

The Netherlands is member of The Ice Hockey Federation since 20.1.1935. In total, Dutch are 2,888 registered players. Out of those; 1,465 are men, 1,194 juniors and 229 women. Referees they have in total 57, indoor rings 26 and outdoor rings 2. Men’s World Ranking is 25th and women’s 17.

The population of The Netherlands 16,998,165.

For comparison, the statistics of Finland

Source: International Ice Hockey Federation










‘BeNeliga’. Founded 2015, 16 teams from The Netherlands and Belgium, divided into two groups. BeNe-league has quite some players from outside of Belgium and the Netherlands, but still the majority are Dutch and Belgians.


Fins mentioned twice!























Under you can see in this order; tallest-, shortest-, heaviest-, lightest-, oldest- and youngest players.















Source for Dutch statistics


As supposed to support the local, the best and the only option was to go with HYS The Hague. The team has played good this season and now they are fighting in the play offs. For suprise, Dutch people can be quite supportive when it comes to ice hockey, even though they are known for Football.



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