Carnaval Roosendaal


After some months even the coolest exchange student life will change a bit, slowly into so called normal life. The first months are basically sightseeing, then you kind of forget how it felt to see everything for the first time and usually around this time you start looking for interesting events etc. to remind yourself that it really doesnt have to be only routines.

We wanted to experience our first Carnaval in the Netherlands and because we were really late and didnt know where would be the best party, we just decided to try Roosendaal and lucky enough, we ran into a full carnival. People in Roosendaal really knew how to make best out of the Carnival parade and I’m pretty sure that every single habitant of the city was out during this day.

// Karnivaalia karnivaalin perään. Roosendaalissa oli meno kohillaan.

IMG_20160206_140743 IMG_20160206_141211 IMG_20160206_145847 IMG_20160206_150539 IMG_20160206_150328 IMG_20160206_154335 IMG_20160206_154545IMG_20160206_145610


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