❝The limits of my language are the limits of my world.❞


I’ve been on holidays for a bit over month now from school. It may sound that I don’t have anything to learn, but actually I’ve been busy now for quite some time with five different languages and yes, soon my head will explode and I think I need to take a ‘no-speaking’ holiday just to recover my chin and mouth.

Five different languages. Finnish as a language to speak on the phone and to confuse my mind, also the language of the source I read news. English as a first communication language so as studying and job-interview language. Swedish, because of this mandatory course I need to take online to finish my degree. On top of these, German is constantly confusing me since it is somehow related to Dutch which is the language I’m spending most time to learn and also I hear/read all the time around me.

To explain why I feel this confusing and head-exploding, I decided to write the same text with all of those five different languages for you to show how much grammar I have in my head but also to prove how far my first aka mother tongue is from all of those languages. First, for warm-up..

Very simple. Number 77.

English = seventyseven,
german = siebenundsiebzig,
dutch = zevenenzeventig,
swedish = sjuttiosju
and finnish = seitsemänkymmentäseitsemän.

Now, sorry Swedish, but I’m gonna drop you out since I still need to write an essey and 10 assignment in Swedish which is more than enough for the rest of my life.

My name is Riia. I come from Finland and I am twentyone years old. I live now in the Netherlands. I have lived here for five months. I speak English, Finnish, German and now Im learning Dutch. I study in the Hague University of Applied Sciences. In August I will start my internship here. My family is me and my mom. I have one sister, she is thirtynine years old and she has two kids.

Mijn naam is Riia. Ik kom uit Finland en ik ben eenentwintig jaar oud. Ik woon nu in Nederland. Ik heb hier vijf maanden gewoond. Ik spreek Engels, Fins en Duits en nu leer ik Nederlands. Ik studeer aan de Haagse Hogeschool. In augustus begin ik aan mijn stage hier. Mijn familie bestaat uit mijn mamma en ik. Ik heb ook een zus, zij is negenendertig jaar oud en heeft twee kinderen.

Mein Name ist Riia. Ich komme aus Finnland und ich bin einundzwanzig Jahre alt. Ich lebe jetzt in Niederlande. Ich habe hier seit fünf Monate gelebt. Ich spreche Englisch, Finnisch, Deutsch und jetzt studiere ich Niederländisch. Ich studiere in der Fachhochschule in Den Haag. Im August werde ich ein Praktikum beginnen. Zu meiner Familie gehören meine Mutter und ich. Ich habe auch eine Schwester, die neununddreißig Jahre alt ist, und sie hat zwei Kinder.

Minun nimeni on Riia. Tulen Suomesta ja olen kaksikymmentäyksivuotias. Tällä hetkellä asun Alankomaissa. Olen asunut täällä viisi kuukautta. Puhun englantia, suomea ja saksaa, ja nyt opiskelen myös hollantia. Opiskelen ammattikorkeakoulussa Haagissa. Elokuussa aloitan täällä työharjoittelun. Perheeseeni kuuluu minä ja äitini. Minulla on sisko joka on kolmekymmentäyhdeksänvuotias ja hänella on kaksi lasta.

This is how I would give an answer to the question how are you.. Obviously easiest thing when learning a new language is to speak about yourself and it can be seen also in the texts above. Not too much sweet (free-time) – Back to studying now!


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