Amazing Estonia

Tere! After Christmas, 26st of December our group of 9 started our trip to Estonia by train at 6 am. From the very beginning, we were laughing our eyes off. In Finland, making noise sometimes impacts to other people that way, that they start to stare at you. Yes again that happened. Luckily, our group is really good at ignoring other people and their weird looks. We just focused on having fun and enjoying our time!

We traveled with Eckerö Line and stayed in Nordic Forum Hotel in Tallinn 26.-28.12.


First day, we spent walking around, doing some shopping and then spending a lovely evening in Beer House, Tallinn. The Beer House offered us good selection of beers, delicious food and entertainment by live music. Highly recommended by all of us, even the teenagers fell in love with the place!


Second day, we decided to do something very different and contacted The Escape Room Tallinn. After walking around and finding amazing restaurant for the evening, 6.15pm we arrived to Escape Room -office and soon started our escape which happened girls vs. boys. Slaughter room and prison break.. Girls got closer to the great escape, but both teams couldn’t escape the room on time. After that, we end the day in Texas themed restaurant. Such an amazing service, delicious food and quite cheap prices. Definitely, worth a visit if you travel to Tallinn.


All in one, the romantic and absolutely adorable Tallinn didn’t let us down.



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