Have I learned something in The Netherlands?


This year, oh boy. Last summer I came back to my hometown, got really close to my family and spent awesome time with my grandma as I was living in her house. Felt pressure to decide what to do in the future, but also that something will change soon. In august, when I left everything behind, I soon found something that basically changed my whole life. A bit later in autumn, I got very bad news from Finland and thought that I should come back, at least for a few weeks. A huge thank for my visitors from home, because of them I got myself back together and noticed that I’m still part of their life and distance started to feel less far than before.

Somehow during everything, I decided to start to live this life for myself and to do whatever I want. The things that I’ve got from The Netherlands, besides awesome people and unbelievable moments, are… 

If I wouldn’t be a Finn, I would never try to learn to language. No no no. The more I study or think the Finnish language, the more confused I am. Though, maybe now I could finally pass those Finnish exams I had a few years ago.

Dutch as a language, even if its rated one of the easiest to learn (from European languages to native English speaker).. I don’t believe this. I cant even pronounce the basics yet and I have been here for 4 months. I hope the miracle will happen soon.

Christmas eve and Santa Claus are not the only nice family celebrations and I did learn something new from Sinterklaas -celebration that I think its actually better than the tradition I’m used to. Now I can put both together “get the best of both worlds”!

The fact that I’m born in one country, doesn’t mean that I need stay there forever. It is OK to have more than one family and it is totally fine to build the life you want, even far away from the closest people.

When I communicate with different language, I should maybe explain myself better sometimes.
And I should give up totally with my awkwardness and just go with the flow of kissing and hugging people more.

It is cheaper and faster to travel from Amsterdam to Helsinki than from Helsinki to very north of Finland.

Note to self: Don’t keep those meltdowns inside, let them out straight away and you’ll get rid of them!
Note to all: If you really want something, you’ll always find a solution to get/keep it.

“Life is the best time of the human being” Literally translated orig. “Elämä on ihmisen parasta aikaa”

A Happy New Year to all! Peace and love for the year 2016!


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