First of all, Happy Christmas for everyone!
December in Finnish is Joulukuu. Literally translated it is Christmas month, imagine, one month of christmas ūüėÄ


100 days ago I arrived to Amsterdam airport.
Started to study in The Hague University
Rolled down the Dutch stairs
Course registration straight after bar made me sick > Had to visit a hospital and get antibiotics
After I could talk again – moved to my own place
Somewhere in between I spend a day in Belgium and learned dialogues in Spanish
60 days ago I spent amazing weekend celebrating Oktoberfest in M√ľnchen
54 days ago I ran to the central station to pick-up a friend
46 days ago I ran there again to pick-up another friend
And around this time, I got lost in Malta
19 days ago I had so called “movie scene” when my big sister arrived and when we hugged, everything disappeared around us and seconds felt like minutes
in 22 days, I’m going to home for the christmas break
And 24 hours ago came back from Berlin




So excited about coming christmas holidays, so as that I’m staying in the Netherlands for (at least) 6 months more!


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