Russia – Saint Petersburg

If you ignore the fact that only a few can communicate in English and that traffic is just a big mess, Saint Petersburg is a wonderful place for every people to visit. I was lucky to visit there with locals so I got the best tips from buildings you must see – to restaurants you have to try. 5 days went like fast train but when I sat in the train back to Finland, I really felt peace and love that I can lay my head to my pillow in few hours.

St. Petersburg is an eye opener. Only 15 minutes from the center and the whole picture changes. From the luxury of the center you go somewhere where you can hardly drive a car since the whole ground is so full of holes. Poor people selling almost anything.. From used items to their own clothes that they could buy something to eat. Strict security control at the metro stations that only people with valid tickets would travel.. Even saw I guy carrying a FRIDGE on his back with “bare hands”. Everything is different in Russia.

First time Opera , best macaroons in the town, the most expensive piece of cake, bullet hole in the restaurant window, poor guy who begged money saying that he is Finnish, Russia nightlife , problems with Visa , forgot the cash to Finland, crazy taxi drivers so as “not so taxi drivers”…. Btw one question. Why every people we met said that they have relatives in Finland? I really doubt that…

2015-02-24 17.27.17-1 1795740_10205210147687345_5762623345128878338_n 10154044_10205230391393425_6456616472272794142_n 10930185_10205215940512162_4055902122654265480_n 10947193_10205210147967352_2625814774453669461_n 10999431_10205203212353966_4431208661875817610_n



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