“When Finns Speak, Everbody Listens

… – it’s just that nobody else understands” Bill Farmer

I sometimes think of myself as a traveler, European citizen, or whatever. Crossing the oceans can awaken the true nature of yourself and surprise you about how the home country and culture has affected you. Why not? It is your home base which pretty much defines you. I enjoy living abroad, but there are so many good things about my culture and country that I’d be lying if I said that I don’t miss it sometimes. Our weird big country where lives so few people. Most of the things can’t be explained – they need to be experienced. Some of the things can be easily explained but never fully understood.

Why do you have such a good health care system? Why is your language so difficult and the words dont make any sense? Why do you have a totally free education system and the government evens pay you monthly for studying? How do you survive when it’s -20 without any sun? Are you all alcoholics who have vodka in their water bottles instead of water? Why are you always saying that this is a Finnish thing? Why are you trying to translate your sayings into English? It doesn’t make any sense that ”you have your own cow to grind”!

Do you appreciate it enough? Other people’s questions make you question your own behavior. Then you ask yourself more questions. Do you like the life there or are you just surviving? And when you finally stop overthinking, you are hit with the question: ”Do you want to go back to Finland?”

I admit. I do stereotype us and sometimes have too many negative thoughts. I couldn’t live without Karelian pies. I love milk and truly enjoy the real snow. I love ice hockey and Sauna. Also, I somehow like our government. The most I enjoy speaking the language since usually no one around can understand it. And well, of course because I have infinite vocabulary. Teaching Finnish words & sayings makes me happy. I like to notice those stereotypical Finnish things about myself, (yeah, I’m the first one taking my shoes off when going inside). Like a real Scandinavian, I crave a cup of coffee at the morning and I’m a true coffeeholic. Pretty much I’m a stereotype, a Finn from head to toe, but I still enjoy the country better from afar.

Dont worry guys, I’m still gonna keep the Finnish passport and I’m not planning to burn any bridges. You can take a girl out from Finland but never truly take Finland out of the girl. Like every one of us, special bond to a country that has made you how you are. So that this wouldn’t be too deep, let me tell you what makes me happy right now here in the Netherlands. First of all,  my very good friend will be here tomorrow. Another friend will come right after her. Then I’ll travel to Malta visit my friend and once I get back, my sister will arrive to Den Haag. I think that will be enough medicin for the homesickness.

And all this,

PicMonkey Collage
1. My bike, 2. Sun is still shining!, 3. Early Autumn and fresh air, 4. Souvenirs from Paris



Pave Maijanen – Lähtisitkö
Timo Odv & Sarah Jackson – Save M


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