Oans, zwoa, drei, g’suffa!

IMG_20151002_225848 IMG_20151003_105231 IMG_20151003_113205 IMG_20151003_135053 IMG_20151003_145540 IMG_20151004_003538 IMG_20151004_003624 IMG_20151004_172235 IMG_20151004_172322 IMG_20151005_130418

Last year I left Munich just before Oktoberfest. During the farewell party when all of my colleagues swore that I’m gonna miss so much, I did promise that I’ll be back for the next Oktoberfest. And so I did! It was amazing to see all faces again and enjoy the madness with them. Oktoberfest is indeed a fest, which gathers people around the world and obviosly makes Bavarians to speak English, haha. Visiting Munich was also an eye opener, since I saw so many refugees coming to the country. Some of the faces were pretty frightened and some of then again, were so happy to see how welcome they are to Germany.

Back to Oktoberfest. There is no doubt, that Bavarians cant celebrate. Last summer left me a image, that they are superficial sometimes but that image was gone after the first hour sitting in the Höfbrauhaus tent. All those traditional clothes, people (including older people) dancing on the tables, singing together, giving hugs to anyone who happens to be close. Very much enjoyed festival, even though it takes a year to recover. I hope that it wasn’t the last time I’m visiting it! Thank you again my precious German family. You made my stay perfect and I cant thank you all enough! xo


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