Stuff Finnish people like #1

One month behind and a few to go in the Netherlands plus last summer in Germany. After living and travelling abroad is always nice to think about the differences between other countries and home. International friends often ask how you do this in Finland or how this is like in Finland. So here you go, briefly explained some things about Finland and Finnish people.

  1. Being on time
    In the Netherlands, I have done a lot of waiting and getting fat. Every day, I’m way earlier than others. I have learned from my mistakes and now I usually  ask when we set up a meeting that is it Finnish, Spanish, French or American 5pm?
  2. Using card instead of cash
    Yeah this I really hate the most. International cards works in Finland quite well and it amaze me every time when travelling that how often countries accept only their own cards.
  3. Darkbread
    Ok they have darkERbread in Europe but it is not the same. It has to be almost black and taste like it.
  4. To sit quiet while others are talking
    People think I’m often bored or not listening when I’m not saying “Yeah” or “Oh really” all the time. I do care what you are saying and I don’t want to interrupt you! Finnish people don’t do small talk or useless words.
  5. Awkward hugs
    “When I can let go”. We should really be better in this. Love is for sharing.
  6. The wooden houses
    Almost every Finn has a dream to live in a wooden house some day. It is the most common type of house that we have. In the Netherlands, bricks bricks bricks. In Germany, concerete or bricks. Other european countries, also concrete and bricks.

    Porvoo, Finland
  7. Bring your own beers
    The reason why I carry my own beers to everywhere and ask “Really?” twice if you offer me a beer, is that I’m not used to pay 3€ for sixpack of beers. I’m used to pay at least double the price. And how about the wine bottles, YES, cheapest for me is almost 7€ which is ridiculous compared to the prices in anywhere else.
    We call it “squat wine”, since the cheapest wines are always bottom left on shelf and you need to squat to get them.
  8. Translating finnish sayings to english
    Why say “Vested interest” when you can say “you have your own cow in the dike”. That is how we would say it in Finnish, so I’m gonna use it also in english. Then I will leave you to think what I ment.
    The 14 dirtiest Finnish expressions
  9. “Living in a hurry” – customer service
    Sometimes, especially here in the Netherlands I would like to yell to the casher that “GIVE ME MY CHANGE!” but I manage to calm down because I know that sometimes we tend to live in a hurry in Finland, and I think that is something we should let go – if you really don’t need to hurry.
  10. Tattoos and coloring our hair
    I can’t even count how many times I have heard that “Why you have two colours in your hair?” or why you have so many tattoos? I could say that nowadays it is really common to colour your hair or have tattoos in Scandinavia.
  11.  Changing the gender middle of the sentence
    Yes. She and he. Finnish language has only one word which is both, because its neutral. I confuse people a lot by talking first about she and changing it to he in the middle of the sentence. I am really sorry and I promise to improve in this.

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