Minute after minute, hour after hour

So, how’s life here? Still very busy. Filled by weird moments that sometimes takes your breath away and sometimes makes you scream that you want to go back to home. I haven’t book last minute flights to home so I think life is pretty good in here. The Hague itself is pretty good in organizing events and festivals. At least they have some kind of festivals every single weekend. Though, we were thinking earlier with others that maybe it is just a way to pay the attention by adding the festival after the event’s name in Facebook.

Foodtruck Festival
Foodtruck Festival


I’ve been staying in The Hague now with the exception of a day trip to Rotterdam. In two weeks I will travel to Munich for Oktoberfest. I’m super excited that I will meet my German family as well. It has been one year! After the Oktoberfest, good friend of mine will come to visit me. And again week after that, two other friends are coming. Yauzzaa bebes. Haha, that is just so awesome.

My favourite place here
Stroopwaffle the size of your head!
Dutch hangover favourite, "Kapsalon".
Dutch hangover favourite, “Kapsalon”.


Swan Market
Swan Market

Besides school, I’m just getting fat. As you can see from the photos, food is important.

Perfect Brownie with nuts, very cinnamon taste Apple pie and Dutch pancakes.
Perfect Brownie with nuts, very cinnamon taste Apple pie and Dutch pancakes.

Nopee suomennos vielä loppuun. Tosiaan, edelleen mennään kovaa ja korkelta. Välillä on hetkiä että ei meinaa pystyy hengittää ja joskus tekis mieli pakkaa kamat ja lähteä kotiin. Kaikennäköstä tapahtumaa täällä riittää niinku kuvista näkee. Parin viikon päästä lähen Saksaan moikkaamaan viimekesän työkavereita, jonka jälkeen Jessica tuloo moikkaamaan ja Jessican jälkeen tulee kaks kouvolan urpoa tänne kans. Koulun lisäks täällä lähinnä lihon, mut onneks pystyy vielä pyöräilee ni kaksoisleuka pysyy suunnilleen piilossa.



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