“Just look at me, Silly Me, I’m as happy as can be”

At the beginning of this summer the biggest feelings in me were fear and anguish. Moving back to my hometown aaand back to the family’s house. Place where is so much love but so easy to forget the “freedom” (Or any kind of privacy). Anyway, after the rough start and couple of weeks fear and other negative feelings faded away. I started to feel happiness because I have my family and love ones close to me again. Even though I was in that town I used to hate and felt almost pain to live in. Soon, even the town started to feel home again, after all I have memories in every corner and I could easily escape somewhere whenever I wanted.

Later on we talked about this whole situation with my best friend and together we came up to the solution that the people around me, or the city never changed – I did.

Now, I let the photos tell how this summer has turned out to be. Pretty awesome have to say! Maybe even one of the best.

kollaasi1 PicMonkey Collage 88 69 76

11755745_10206313282305021_3369586727228077472_n 11753668_10206248867334687_6592242344976665851_n


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