Chasing the French dream in Paris

Paris, capital of France. Population of 2,3 million. (Which is half of Finland) I went there a bit sceptic but c’mon Paris, wow. There everyone can pretend to be Carrie Bradshaw with or without heels, running the streets of Paris and discovering this romantic city.


Song of this trip: U2 – Song for someone

Flight one-way (Helsinki-Copenhagen-Paris)
“Couchsurfing” for free
Public transportSingle 1,70€ / Daily 6.80€ / On Sundays 3.75€
From the airport to the centre 9,.. € by train
Food: Mamie Burger – 10-15€ & Little restaurant close to Notre Dame (inc. starter, main course and dessert) 14.50€
Usefull things in French
Oui! – Yes / Merci – Thank you / Bonjour – General way to greet / Tres Bien – Very well
Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame


Again one place where I felt myself totally lost with new language. Againts all my expectations French people can speak English, they are friendly and some of them were even smiling.

Sometimes it can be better if you don’t understand the language. You don’t need to deal with others problems or bad days but you miss a lot about cultural things. The dialogues and natives way to speak.


No words needed.



Weekend of funny moments, laughter and again things what I wont forget. Our group of 5 – Four French and me, discovered that we could create a new language based on the languages we can speak. Seven different, including Finnish, Italian, French, Spanish, English, German and Polish. Just if we mixed our favourite words from each language and voila.



Favourite thing about Paris was when I opened my eyes and noticed that art is everywhere. I saw older people in the metros writing/drawing to their note books what they see and hear. Once one Monsiur was drawing my friend’s profile!


Flight to Barcelona left from Lyon so I took fast train Paris – Lyon with Ouigo!


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