Step by step she travels around the world

One month and a few days has gone since I left from Germany.


Finland has treated me well, giving its magical Autumn and reminding me how much I like this country. However, now it’s time to get lost again. This coming Friday I will take off and fly to Paris. I will enjoy Paris for four days, then continuing my trip first to Lyon, then to Barcelona and from there to Madrid.

For the first time I’m travelling solo somewhere else than in Finland, but it doesn’t matter. Frankly, I feel excited to spend my first holiday after last February (almost) alone. How cool it is to be out of reach and do whatever I want?


I will be back on the 27th of October. Almost November! Can’t believe how time flies. I don’t mind tho, because November means that it is ok to talk about Christmas, think about it, drink mulled wine and bake christmas tarts, gingerbreads..


I’m not gonna take anything unnecessary with me, so next time I’ll write about this trip and how it went.


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