1st of October

Autumn is here – Yesterday I discovered how beautiful it is.

After one hour skating I had meeting with my Italian tandem-partner and I decided that this meeting will be somewhere in the nature instead of staying at the cafeteria. We wandered around the forest for a while and suddenly we saw old ski jumping tower. We almost ran to the top and, wow.


Why, when you are used to something you start to ignore more and more? To be honest, I forget to enjoy this lovely country.  “The world is just as beautiful as you allow it to be”

And now it was right in front of me, giving everything it has and I decided to do the same.


Two months ago in Germany, I was walking home from a metro-station. Whole day had been shitty and well of course, before I got home started to rain. Then 10 meters from my house, my lovely iphone repeated a Finnish song. The song reminded me about summer and cottage-life in Finland so bad that I started to smile and shake like a weirdo. During those three minutes what the song lasted, damn, the day turned a perfect day. Maybe it was a sign that home is still in Finland – at least I haven’t found any place which feels more like home.


So let’s enjoy while it lasts! Not forgetting the winter – It is beautiful and with right jacket we all will survive from it.

Maailma on just niin kaunis ku sä sallit sen olla.


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