Earning ECTS credits

Here in KyUAS, instead of taking normal language lessons you can choose Tandem studies. Basically it means that you are a student and a teacher at the same time. Tandem can be done with someone who speaks the language you want to learn as a mother tongue. I did tandem studies with French partner on last semester and now I wanted to try with Italian.

It is nice to have at least basics in different languages but for me it’s more important to learn about other cultures. Especially this food part is awesome. Can’t count with fingers how many people have said how lucky I’ve been with my country/language choices hahah


This week I was more than happy when I saw what my Italian partner had done to me. Delizioso bellissimo Tiramisu olalaa! Anyway we had fun during our Finnish/ Italian dinner while my partner was tasting Finnish Peasoup & pancakes and I was enjoying Tiramisu…. Food cultural differences between Italy – Finland.. Let’s just say that I can’t even put those two together in the same sentence.

Tandemopiskelua taas! Viime keväänä sain nauttia ranskattaren seurasta ja opeteltiin yhessä toisiemme kulttuureita. Nyt kävi tuuri ja mulle löydettiin italialainen tandempari. Kulttuurishokeilta ei oo vältytty, pari tosin osaa enemmän suomea ku minä italiaa ja hauskaa on ollu. Tän viikon kohokohta oli dinneri, ja epäilykset hernekeitosta yhdessä sinapin kanssa. Tiramisu enivei oli niinku melkeen aina, ihan täydellistä!


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