Perfect Finnish Winter Day (low budget)

I’ve heard so many times people asking “How you survive during the winter?” or “Do you just stay inside and wait for the next summer?” No, no. Now I’m gonna show you how YOU can enjoy it by telling my favourite things to do in the winter.

IMG_8165Shortly; The day is perfect when you don’t even notice that not only your nose and toes are freezing, but your hair is “freezed” as well.

Things you need: Snow, ice, smile, warm jacket, good shoes, sport equipments
What you have to know:
How to dress right and enjoy the winter (clickclick!)
Extra: Check this “42 Traditional Finnish Foods That You Desperately Need In Your Life” – Buzzfeed

Breakfast. The best way to wake up, spend quality time with friends & family. Or why not enjoy the time with yourself. A fresh cup of coffee, your favourite food and good 30 minutes (at least).

blogi4Ideas for breakfast: Karelian rice pasties , porridge with berries or maybe whipped porridge

After you’ve woken up… Find a lake and go skating! Yes. In some towns here in Finland when the lake freezes – employees of the town maintain the ice for people to skate there. Usually you can skate around the lake in different distances. To create a perfect atmosphere, take some hot chocolate and snacks with you.
(Tip for snack: Ryebread, hint of butter and just a big piece of delicious cold smoked fish/cold smoked salmon/smoked ham or beef)

My job as a little sister after skating

And, if you dont like skating, they usually do have cross-country skiing paths as well on the ice! Warning: If you are not used to cold weather, protect yourself! Rudolf the red nose is not only the reindeer who helps Santa bring gifts for people, it’s also used as a nickname for people who forgot to use big scarf.

Lunchbreak: Time to eat a traditional Finnish pea soup which will also warm you after skating. Remember to eat the Pea Soup with mustard! A dessert with the Pea Soup should always be the Finnish pancakes.
Recipes: Pea Soup (Hernekeitto)
Finnish Oven Pancake

blogi6blogi7 NAPTIME! Give yourself an hour to calm down. We love prefer naps after eating. Heat up a fireplace, take a look of Finnish tv, let your head enjoy a moment on the pillow..

Time to do something AGAIN! Even tho it’s something around -20 celcius we are not giving up because we like challenges and the most important: To defy everything what comes to our way. Now I will give you a few examples what you could do!

1 Sledding hill (Pulkkamäki)
Find yourself “Pulkka”, I’m not sure how to translate this in English. Let’s just say, something to slide with on the snow.
Click click this next link open, and you’ll see what I mean
2 Ice hockey game
Finnish baseball is our native sport but still Finnish are crazy about Ice hockey. It’s one the things which takes all the Finns together, without boundaries, to enjoy watching men following a puck. Ice hockey arena in Finland is the best place to experience that and also to see one of the biggest part of our culture. Right now we are playing in three different big leagues in Finland, KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) & SM-LIIGA (Finnish championship league) & Mestis (2nd highest Finnish league).

kookoojyp3 Things to do indoors
Finns loves to play card games.
Paskahousu (Shit pants)

Or maybe some air guitar? Look what Wikipedia says about Finnish air guitar

Dinner: So much “ugly but delicious food” as my french guest said. It will be hard to choose but how about salmon soup, or meatballs with mashed potatoes… Or some meat? Now scroll back to the top and click Buzzfeed link for 42 Finnish foods that you desperately need in your life (!!)

If you haven’t heat up the fireplace yet, hurry now! Then go to that weird dark place which is usually inside your apartment or somewhere in the building you’re staying…. That is called Sauna. Now turn on the lights and get know to a heater, sooner than you think that machine will be your best friend. Don’t kill the Sauna by going there before it’s 80 degrees Celsius. Just don’t…

Reason why we prefer hothot Sauna: After a good 20 minutes in the Sauna we go outside again… To roll on the snow or to swim to that lake you were skating before.
(Swimming on the icy lake is in my bucket list – I haven’t done it ever and still I call myself a Finn)

Swimming in the frozen lake

End this perfect day under a blanket, watch a movie or chat with your love ones. Light up some candles.. Time for a night cap? Mulled wine (Glögi) is very popular during the Christmas time or whenever supermarkets starts to sell it.
You can get Glögi in many different flavors.. Blueberry, vanilla and so on… Take a look from here: Marli Glögi

If this didn’t help you at all and even if it did, remember to check this also!:
How to survive winter in Finland and enjoy it


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