Current mood: Grizzly Bear – Angus & Julia Stone

First full week here done. School has been more than challenging and I have to admit that on first days I felt that ” I walked in and they kicked me in the face ” or something close to Ice Bucket Challenge, pouring ice cold water to your neck – All the homework, project deadlines plus the troubles that I caused myself.

IMG_0816However now it’s time to look back to all the feelings I had on first days in Finland

1. “Always available”
When I was in Germany I got one call per week and now it’s something like 15 in a day.. It’s amazing how annoying a ringtone can be after you’ve heard it for so many times and how weird it’s that someone knows all the time where you are

2. Speaking Finnish
So used to speak English and suddenly everybody around you speaks Finnish. I got a few mini heart attacks on last week when people were speaking Finnish in the supermarket, streets, everywhere.. For myself, has been extremely hard to decide which language to speak. A few times I started phone calls in English, spoke German in the Supermarket.

3. Don’t need cash, visa electron works
THANK YOU! I have cash-strike going, can’t tell how happy I’m.. No extra weight in my wallet

4. Only one key to my apartment
Ten points to my home country now… I had three keys in Germany to get in from 2 doors.

5. Non-fat milk, Sauna & my bed
As I said to my mom.. You can take me out of Finland but can’t take Finland out of me.

6. 1€ – One ball of ice cream
Yes. I will miss that from Germany and I don’t even wanna talk about it.

7. Public transport
U-bahns, S-bahns, trams…. Ok. We do have trains here (in Kouvola) and buses but trains are long-distance and buses goes two times or so in an hour. Can’t believe that I was complaining on Sundays in Munich when metro’s went only every 20 minutes.

8. You can’t say everything out loud
So used to speak Finnish as a secret language.. Sometimes even pretending to speak on the phone but actually singing a song out loud in Finnish. So much happiness for doing this haha

9. German family
How much I miss my family! And multilingual working environment. It was nice to mix Finnish, Spanish, Italian, German, English, Persian..

10. My family
Have to give credits for family here.. They made my homecoming like a big circus or festival party but it felt sooo nice. At least for one day I felt like this is my home

So there you go! Now time to do something more important things, get back to the homework-world.


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