“I need to get back to the place I belong”

Last night in Germany, farewell – party, million tears but still excited to go back to home. Next morning and the feeling when my first flight arrived to Riga I was crying like a little baby ’cause I realized that I’m 1hr away to hug my family.

At the same time I had feeling about closing one chapter starting a new one… Summer in Germany was one the best summers in my life, I have huge family there now and I don’t even need to think will I go back one day.

IMG_0767Btw don’t wanna show off but look what I got from my family..

IMG_0791My name on it!! And right spelling. Haha, everytime I see this shirt I have to hold on the tears. Such as crybaby I am

Anyway. The first days in Finland have been great, everything I hoped for. Sauna, lake cottage, friends, hugs, nonfat milk etc.. But today I got this weird feeling. Ok, enough. I wanna go somewhere again. I feel that I carry my home in my heart – by home I mean family and people who makes family to me. But there is no such a place “where I belong” anymore ’cause to be honest I don’t think that I belong to Finland. Deep ha? I don’t know why I feel like this so soon it’s scary even for myself.

I miss speaking English, I miss that feeling when you dont understand everyone speaking next to you… I miss that feeling when you feel a bit hopeless like I did on my first days in Germany if someone didn’t speak English or I didn’t know how to explain something.

Maybe I’m just made to move around..

IMG_0797Good news for these girls, I’m not going anywhere….. On October I have a short holiday to France and Spain but I haven’t planned any longer trips now. But some day I will take off for sure haha

IMG_0787Thank you Germany, German family! And thank you Finnish family for taking such a good care of me and my homecoming


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