A new point of view

I came to Germany and had only one thing in my mind. Summer of my dreams. Long holiday, lots of new friends and so on. Right now my friends are the only ones who think that I’m on holiday. I’ve been trying to explain that I actually have to work here and everyday is not like bed of roses. Dont get me wrong I don’t complain. I love to work for this company and people there are amazing. I’ve heard a lot stories, learned even more. Munich is a great city but for all of us everyday life comes at some point.

IMG_9940The Hardest thing? When I went to a supermarket to buy facial soap – None of the sellers did not speak English and it took  like 30 minutes to find something what looks like it. I came home and noticed that this is not even close to facial soap. Nice. Quick look to Google translator and a new try.
Or when I went to buy laundry detergent… Oh boy. Seller spoke English but I didn’t know the word. “Öööööö. You know dirty clothes. And this thing you put to a washing machine and then the machine gives you clean clothes. You know?”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the beginning it really was like learning to walk again. How to live with a new roommate and even normal everyday life was weird and challenge by itself. It took a while to find shortest way from the metro station to home.. Not to mention the first times when I cycled from work to home. Then the native English speakers.. I don’t even wanna remember what I answered when my colleagues introduced themselves like “Hi I’m Ronald who you are how are you?” For me as a Finn “How are you” is too much. I hope I didn’t answer like “Ummh… I am… You really wanna know? Awkward.”

Even this awkward finn knows now how to answer, how to say please or thank you and how to behave myself in public. Haha

I know I know we all have this but I wasn’t prepared !!

IMG_0029It is a challenge when you have different language, habbits, ways to do things, basicly everything. Weird and new. For me it’s only three months.. Easier when you know that this is not a permanent. & Remember that you can carry your home in your heart.. Makes you feel even more like home no matter where you are

So cheers to everyone who have gone trough this. I do feel like a champion now – stronger than ever before! This summer has given me power to start to make my dreams come true which is a good thing

Btw I need to add something to “How to survice in Munich” -list.

1. Be yourself
1. Care less
1. Do your thing, what makes you feel good

I will go back home richer (not talking about money….) & ready to take everything what comes with open mind & heart. (And ready to show that I can speak a bit Scottish, Texas, Persian, Spanish, German, Italian, French…Haha..)



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