From A to B in Munich and from Munich

With student budget I have had learn a lot tricks to save money.

Guten Tag -ticket from Munich to Salzburg, Austria. 1/2/3/4/5 people
(A day trip to Salzburg? for one 21€, for two 25€, for three 29€, so 4€ more for “extra” people. Train called Meridian. Runs every hour, traintrip to Salzburg about 2hrs)
Bayern -ticket for Bavarian area for 1/2/3/4/5 people (Wanna go to Neuchswanstein for a day trip? Take your whole family of 5 with Bayern ticket, price 39,00€)
!!These both are valid for one day so you can also use ticket for the return trip or even travel around Bavaria for one day!!

Daytickets for trams, metros & busses
Innenraum Partner for 5 people – 10,60 €/Single  6,00€
XXL – Partner for 5 people – 14,20€ /Single 8,10€ (From the “Schnellbahnnetz” -map you’ll see the area and how far you can travel with. For example with this ticket you can do a day trip to Dachau concentration camp)

Staying here longer than just few days?
For example. Weekly ticket – 3 rings – 16,50€
More about rings, zones etc

Munich - rail network

To the airport?

I’ve always bought that ticket under “Airport” button.. If someone have found cheap way to go to the airport leave me a comment! Still feels bad to pay 10-11 € everytime when I need to go to the airport..

Interesting way to explore Munich (and hear more about it); City Tram (-tour)!

By bike:

The cheapest busses I’ve found:

Car sharing:



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