Things is miss from home

1. Everything what you can see in this photo (Except lapin kulta – shitty beer) But cause this is mom-week I have everything now with me hahah..


2. Summer Gottage (Relax, enjoy.. Running in the middle of nowhere, swimming – sauna combo, no pressures to do anything, barbecue, bad tv-series if it rains, life in pajamas, “never ending” -night and loooooong conversations…)


3. Summer Festivals (CALVIN HARRIS !!)

4. My phone contract with Sonera (un-limited Internet who is always there to help you, spotify, google maps…)

5. Midsummer celebration

6. My perfect BED

7. Non-fat MILK

8. Right to choose your favourite candys at an affordable price


9. Smoked salmon

10. My family & friends



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