Viimeisimmästä bucketlistasta onkin jo aikaa, ja nyt kun iphonen muistiot täyttyy unelmista aattelin kirjottaa ne tänne ylös.

// It has been a while when I wrote my last bucketlist and now ’cause my iphone is full of notes what I wanna do and explore in the future, I decited to write them here too.



1. Summer in Munich

2. Erasmus exhange -year

3. October – Holiday in France (& maybe baby Barcelona)


5. Summer in USA (?)

6. Tour – United Kingdom & Ireland

7. Degree from KyUAS …….

8. GELATO in Italy

9. Amsterdam part 2 ✓ 

10. Interrail

11. Flying Monkey all over the World

12. Praha 2015 – Ice hockey world championships

13. Master degree abroad

14. Learn German, Spanish, French (& Improve my English)

15. Love your friends and family ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ 


Let’s see how much it will change and how much I’ll make come true!


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