How to survive in Munich? (part 1)

1. First. You need a place to sleep. Go to a website and hope for the best. Sorry, I don’t have anything else to say. For me it was mission impossible, and Im forever thankful for one person who helped me.
(You can always sleep in a tent and you can even find others doing it right next to the central station. I’ve also heard that there is plenty of space in U-Bahn tunnels. – If you want to be arrested.)

2. You can save money If you use a Bike. (If you do that; please remember to ring your bell every minute, yell angry things with your native language and try to hit at least 10 people per day.)

3. If you choose to use public transport, make sure that you have your ticket with you. If you don’t have it – speak in a random language which is too difficult to even bother with, so when someone asks you for the ticket you can pretend to be just a stupid tourist. (this works only once, or maybe not even then, so just buy the ticket)

4. Learn a few phrases in German. (Bavarian!)
Servus! = Hello
Genau = Exactly
Ja = Yes
Alles klar = Yes ok
Alles gut = Everything fine
Du hast wunderschöne Augen! = You have beautiful eyes!
Zu mir oder zu dir? = To your place or to my place?
Practice makes perfect= Übung macht den Meister

5. Anytime when local don’t speak English but still speak to you, answer with your own native language. They will leave you alone.

6. In a train, if you say to everyone who tries to sit next to you “Good morning” they will go away.

7. Just in case, IF you wanna meet new people and socialise, you can try this website: or oh yeah, You can also join these groups in Facebook: Neue in München or New in Munich. Tinder is a great way to meet new people too, just remember always with new people = Stalk them first from Google, facebook etc. Meet them in a public place, remember to have a plan B… This is the most important : Trust no one.

8. During the Worldcup, wear your flag. (NOTE: If you come from Finland: act that you dont care, or wear your Finnish ice hockey jersey.)

9. Don’t go to the Autobahn in a shitty car. Just dont do that.

10. Now. Last but not the least. In Munich (and in Bavaria). Beer is the thing. You can start or end your day with beer and no one cares. Just follow the locals. Soon you’ll drink like the Bavarians . The hardest thing for me has been learning to not look that wasted. (Cmoon, one bottle is like 1€ – 0,5lt – 5,2 %. Two of those makes me speak fluent English, three makes me speak German and everything after that makes me a stupid Finnish who didn’t know how to drink.)

Extra tip: And NEVER DRINK Weißbier from a bottle.



  1. Where did you find beer for 1 euro ?!j

    I think I’ll try the “good morning” thing at the train! Hahhaha

  2. By the way, I don’t think Tinder is a practical thing for men. I mean, theses kind of things is always easier for women. Also, I’ve been told that the people here generally wants to meet another person from Bavaria.

    1. Haha that can be true! I’ve just heard that the Bavarians usually stays here and that means that also women should stay here with them even if they comes from another country 😀

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