I am Riia and this is my website!
Here you find more about me or can read my blog “Noise about nothing”.

Born and raised in Hyvinkää, the famous city of Kone and the good life – Recently, I moved back to Finland and to Helsinki from The Netherlands, where I studied and worked for the past two years.

As a recent graduate with an international background of studying and working abroad. I have taken many challenges during my work placements, that have enabled me to develop not only various skill set for the fast-paced industry but also good network and gain trust within the work environment to get more responsibilities. My interests are in communications, branding and visuals. My major was communication, focusing on creating visual and brand supporting content.

What I have?

  • A vocational Qualification in Business Administration (Major in Visual Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration: in Multilingual Business Management programme (Major in Communications)
  • Tutoring experience for international students
  • 4x internships (In Finland and abroad)
  • An exchange year in The Netherlands (Minor in Journalism)
  • End thesis: I designed and created a travel guide!!
  • Traineeship at Deloitte
  • Volunteer experience from Ice Hockey World championship games, education seminars, and festivals in Finland

You find me here



My projects



Travel guide for Hotelschool The Hague

Shared projects

Press Kit for The Tailors

Alumni magazine for Hotelschool The Hague

What I love

First photo represents Finland, sports (especially ice hockey) and winter, cold mornings and steaming breath – Second is traveling, nature, the beauty of the world and its people. The third is about food and lifestyle. Food is everything and lifestyle relaxed.